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DennisBaguaAre you looking for holistic exercise with depth and versatility?

Discover your inner-power, improve  your health and vitality, and build confidence with authentic self-defense skills from the ancient wisdom of the Chinese Martial Art Bagua Zhang 八卦掌 (the Circular Art of Transformation) — progressive, practical training based on each student’s needs. Beginners and experienced practitioners welcome. Training available in person and private video classes online!

Mace Martial Arts ~ The Other MMA!

Martial Totem - Dragon, Tiger 12

Vision is the gift to see what others only dream

I am a talented artist that is deeply inspired by the collaborative process of bringing a vision to life — I have helped create murals, concept art for books, ads, logos and storyboards for film — if you are looking for an artist to help manifest your vision, let me know!

Dennis Mace

Dennis Mace, Instructor & Illustrator

Seeking the sublime in each moment. I am a Holistic Martial Arts Instructor and Illustrator, dedicated to sharing my art to inspire my students to heal and get connected by discovering and expressing their inner-power.  I am committed to cultivating authentic skills in each of my students to improve their health and empowerment, and help each one to enhance their awareness and well-being. I am a top rated instructor because I care about my students, and love what I do.

DennisMace Driftwood 07Aug2013k
Achieve optimal health and wellness with Vitality Videos — integrating massage therapy with stretches and exercises from the ancient wisdom of Taoist Yoga to enhance bodywork benefits ~  for stress relief and injury recovery to help you enjoy your life without limitation! These videos include stretches and exercises specifically tailored to transform your pain to vitality!

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